Since the firm opened its doors, D.S. Wolf has closed hundreds of searches all over the world for some
of the most prestigious financial institutions.

D.S. Wolf has served clients and candidates in the following localities:  Amsterdam, Atlanta, Austin,
Baltimore, Boston, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Dallas, Frankfurt, Guernsey, Hong Kong,
Houston, Johannesburg, Kiev, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Mexico City, Miami, New York,
Orange County, Paris, Providence, San Francisco, Santiago, São Paulo, Seattle, Singapore, Sydney,
Tokyo, Toronto, Washington, D.C., and Zurich.

D.S. Wolf has made placements in the following areas of specialization at most levels of management:

MD/Head – Investment Banking
MD/Head – M&A, Germany
MD/Head – Media and Communications
Head – Structured Sales
SMD – Structured Finance
MD – Asset-Backed Securitization
MD – Automotive
MD – Consumer Products
MD – Corporate Finance
MD – Credit Portfolio Management
MD – Equity Private Placements
MD – Financial Institutions
MD – Healthcare M&A
MD – Large-Cap Multinationals
MD – Media High Yield
MD – Risk and Portfolio Management
MD – Structured Tax
MD – Technology Corporate Finance
MD – Technology, Media and Telecommunications
MD – Technology, Media and Telecommunications M&A
MD – Trade Finance
Executive Director/Head – Emerging Market Asset-Backed Securitization
Executive Director – Asset-Backed Securitization
Executive Director – High Yield Finance
Executive Director – High Yield Origination/Capital Markets
Director – Asset Finance
Director – Conduit Finance
Director – Credit Risk Management
Director – Equity Capital Markets
Director – Equity Capital Markets (Technology)
Director – Insurance
Director – Latin American Capital Markets
Director – Latin American Corporate Finance
Director – Private Placements
Director – Project Finance
Director – Structured Products Trading
Director – Syndications
Director – Technology Corporate Finance
Director – Term Securitization
First VP – Corporate Banking
SVP – Mortgage-Backed Securities
SVP – Structured Finance
VP/Director – Corporate Banking
VP/Director – Private Banking
VP/Team Leader – Insurance
VP – Acquisition Finance
VP – CBO/CDO Origination
VP – Credit Risk Management
VP – Financial Institutions
VP – International Private Banking
VP – Media
VP – Media and Communications
VP – Portfolio Management/Relationship Manager
VP – Private Placements
VP – Project Finance
VP – Public Finance
VP – Real Estate
VP – Structured Trade Finance
VP – Syndications
Associate – Credit Portfolio Management
Associate – Off-the-Run Term Securitization
Associate – Term Securitization


MD/Global Head – Derivatives (plus 14-person team)
MD/Global Head – Fixed Income Derivatives Trading
SMD/Head – Fixed Income Derivatives Trading
SMD/Head – North American Derivatives Marketing, Corporates
MD/Head – Credit Derivatives Marketing
MD/Head – European Derivatives Sales
MD/Head – European Fixed Income Trading
MD/Head – European Marketing
MD/Head – FX, Interest Rate and Metal Sales
MD/Head – Structured Sales and Trading
MD/Head – U.S. Credit Portfolio Management
MD/Head – U.S. Equity Derivatives Marketing to Corporates
MD/North American Head – Corporate Derivatives
MD – Credit Derivatives
MD – Derivatives Marketing, Financial Institutions
MD – Equity Derivatives and Convertible Bond Trading, Asia-Pacific
MD – Global FX Sales and Trading
MD – Global FX Trading
MD – Global Index Arbitrage Trading
MD – North American Fixed Income Derivatives Sales
MD – Program Trading
MD – Structured Product Sales
MD and Team – Structured Credit Sales
Executive Director – Asset-Backed Securitization
Executive Director – Equity Sales
Executive Director – Frequent Issuers, Debt Capital Markets
Executive Director – High Yield Origination
Executive Director – High Yield Sales
Executive Director – High Yield Trading
Executive Director – Telecom High Yield Research
Director/Head – FX Sales
Director/Head – Latin American Structured Products
Director – Credit/Credit Derivatives Sales
Director – Equity Derivatives Trading
Director – Exotics Structuring/Trading
Director – Global FX Options
Director – Latin America Group (Sales)
Director – Listed Equity Derivatives Sales
Director – Money Market Sales
Director – New Product Development
Director – Proprietary and Arbitrage Trading
Director – Securities Lending and Collateral Management
SVP/Head – Yankee Bond Trading
SVP – FX Sales
VP – CDO Sales
VP – Corporate Bond Sales
VP – Derivatives Pricing/Development
VP – Emerging Market Structured Products (Japan)
VP – Equity Derivatives
VP – Equity Derivatives Research
VP – FX Sales (Germany)
VP – FX Sales (North America)
VP – International Fixed Income Strategies
VP – Investor Coverage
VP – Latin America Group
VP – Latin American Equity Derivatives
VP – Municipal Derivatives Marketing
VP – Options Trading
VP – Structured Medium-Term Notes
VP – Swaps Marketing
VP – Synthetic Warrants
VP – Tax Derivatives
VP – Tax-Structured Products
Associate – Fixed Income Derivatives Research

MD/Head – Advisory Services
MD/Head – Alternative Investments
MD/Head – High Net Worth Insurance Fund Investments
MD/Head – Operations and Technology
MD/Chief Financial Officer – Private Client Services
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Investment Officer
Head – Boston Private Client Services
Head – Dallas Private Client Services
Head – Manager Research and Selection
Head – Private Placements
Head – Research (Private Clients)
Head – Securities Lending and Borrowing
Co-Manager – Funds of Funds
MD/Private Clients Executive
Executive Director/Head – International Trust and Estate Planning
Director – International High Net Worth Investments
SVP/President – Trust Company
SVP/Head – Fiduciary Compliance
SVP/Business Development Officer – Domestic Wealth Management
Senior Financial Advisors – Domestic Private Client Services (Multiple Locations)
Strategic Wealth Advisors – Domestic Private Banking (Multiple Locations)
Private Client Advisors – Asia Coverage
Private Client Advisors – Europe Coverage (Multiple Locations)
VP – Financial Planning
VP – Latin America
VP – Manager Selection
VP – Portfolio Management
VP – Private Banking
VP – Public Securities Management
VP – Trust Administration
VPs/Relationship Managers – High Net Worth Investment Advisory
Senior Accounting Officer
Associate General Counsel
Corporate Secretary