The D.S. Wolf hedge fund team has deep experience in all aspects of recruiting, market
intelligence and research covering portfolio management, investments, operations, financial
engineering, technology, market data and investor relations, to name a few. The team has
placed professionals at some of the most prestigious hedge funds in the industry, both in
the U.S. and abroad and across strategies.

MD/Global Head – Financial Engineering
MD/Chief Technology Officer
MD/Chief Operating Officer – Fixed Income
MD/Deputy Global Chief Risk Officer
MD/Head – Credit Risk Management
MD/Head – Risk Management, Americas
MD – Credit Trading
MD – Equity Long/Short
MD/Deputy Chief Risk Officer
Head of Fundraising and Investor Relations
Head of Investor Relations
Head of Liquid Investments
Head of Marketing
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Operating Officer – Credit and Fixed Income
Executive Director/Portfolio Manager – Energy
Director – Institutional Sales, Hedge Funds
VP – Hedge Fund Advisory Solutions
Portfolio Manager – Distressed Investing
Portfolio Manager – Greater China Long/Short Equity
Portfolio Manager – Macro
Portfolio Manager – Risk-Linked Securities
Portfolio Manager/Trader – Asian Long/Short Equity
Portfolio Manager/Trader – Convertible Arbitrage
Portfolio Manager/Trader – European Consumer and Retail
Portfolio Manager/Trader – Oil and Gas
Trader/Analyst – Macro Execution Team
Senior Quantitative Analyst
Senior Analyst – Risk Arbitrage
Analyst – Asset-Backed Securities Investments
Analyst – Credit Investments
Analyst – Healthcare
Associate – Distressed
Associate – Energy
Associate – Event-Driven Equities
Associate – Industrials
Associate – Technology